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Thankful Thursdays: Office Edition

For the past two years (actually two plus years!)!)!)!), I’ve been working on different projects, mostly at my apartment, the little birdie’s apartment,  coffee shops around the globe or clandestine locations that cannot be divulged.  I love what I’m doing (and trying to do) and the flexibility that I have doing it and the thrill of actually pursuing something I care deeply about.  And I’ve never, ever once yearned for my past placement on the hampster wheel, being all corporatized out.  I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to roll over in bed to start my workday, conducting important calls while still in my pjs, all the while, the person emailing back and forth with me has no idea of the modicum of traditional decency that I’m lacking at the moment.

But in all seriousness, this can get old…and in some ways, it has.  Searching for cafes with decent wifi. Old. Finding places that aren’t too loud…or too quiet…but just right to take calls and chat with folks for meetings is my modern day Goldilocks and the Three Bears story.   And, perhaps most importantly, the lack of routine requires some extreme self discipline and the lack of daily human interaction requires talking to resident cats.

But all that’s changed, at least for now, as yesterday was my first day working in an office that has been so graciously provided to me by a wonderfully supportive friend.  He runs a tremendous organization that inhabits the space, and they had some extra room which he asked if I wanted…gratis.  Did you say free?  All I needed to do was sign a confidentiality agreement which asked me to act as I would normally.  Quite honestly, I might have signed my life away.

So, here I am.  For now.  It feels good.   Since I’m working on my own stuff, nothing much has truly changed.  I still have flexibility to do what I want, when I want to.  I come in on my hours.  I can still avoid rush hours.*  And I can still work from home, or meet people at coffee shops or clandestine locations if I so choose.  But now I’ve added in a dash of daily human interaction and much needed routine to my life which will hopefully help me do what I want, when I want…just better, faster and more successfully.

Of course, now I need to actually shower everyday…..and buy some office appropriate pjs.

*I hate rush hours and avoid them like the plague, but even commuting wasn’t bad today.  I saw a random woman (pictured), who must have been in her 70s, studying Spanish, with her dictionary out and doing exercises in her workbook.  This inspiration made my day and it had just started. 



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