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Thankful Thursdays: Healthy Conversation Edition

Organizational-Conversation-BubblesAs promised, with the first foray into sharing a specific story that I am thankful for this week, I want to express my gratitude to two great friends.  They are clear examples of people who are interested, focused on, knowledgeable about, and pursuing healthy and sustainable lifestyles.  And, even more importantly, I am grateful that we are all able to talk about it in a way that is respectful, fun, eye-opening, direct, and always with a goal of how can we help each other be healthier individuals and hopefully impact others to do the same.

To set the scene…

The little birdie and I are friends with a couple and we all share a huge interest in pursuing healthy and sustainable lifestyles and, specifically, in figuring out how to eat, grow and buy food in a healthy and sustainable fashion.  As a result, given how much we read, talk about, think, and practice the subject and the importance that we place on it, both for our personal health and our broader impact, I suggested that we think about how we could possibly collaborate to share this passion with others.

The thing is that we have slightly different food philosophies.  Our friends are meat eaters shading towards the paleo movement end of the spectrum and the little birdie and I don’t eat meat at all and shade towards the raw food movement end of the spectrum.  That may seem like a major departure from each other, but I didn’t think so and further, these differences seemed like part of the beauty of the possibilities of how we could work together and reach more people.  However, as we started to discuss how this idea could take shape (via email!), some things started getting lost in translation and the little birdie and I started to wonder if this partnership was going to work given our starting points and / or goals.

Fast forward to last night.  We all went out for drinks to actually sit down with each other and discuss what we had tried to delve into via email unsuccessfully.  And our concerns immediately melted away as we began the conversation and it was clear that the little birdie and I were potentially feeling offended by things that were either not there (i.e., we made them up) or not intended (i.e., we didn’t understand).  Our friends were tremendously gracious, non-judgmental, open and collaborative and we ended up having a great conversation and continue to push what I hope is a great idea forward…together.

Thanks all!

(If you have anything you’re thankful for this week, please feel free to share in the comments section)



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