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Fantastic Friday: Last Minute “Better” Holiday Gifts Edition

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So, as I awaited the end of the world, I completely missed that the holiday season was upon us.  And if you’re like me, you still don’t have all (check that…any) of the gifts that you planned to buy early this year.  So away we go to brave the crowds!

Before you do so though, if you’re also like me and kind of tired of (or can’t afford) giving someone a new iPad, here are some great ideas for some “better” gifts. I characterize them as “better” because they are gifts that will hopefully please the recipient but also have a positive impact on others as well.

Without further ado…

Of course, one can’t start talking about being a “better” holiday shopper without saying that it may very well be that the best kind of shopping is to avoid shopping in the first place.  I know that a lot of people don’t or can’t subscribe to this philosophy, but giving in someone’s name to a philanthropy or cause is a tremendous gift in my estimation. My advice: think about what your friends or family care about, find a organization or project that embodies that and give to it on their behalf.  That can range from large to small charities, Kickstarter projects, pet shelters, or even information sources (blogs, public broadcasting, radio, etc.) that need your support.  Personally, I give a holiday gift on behalf of others to American Cancer Society every year, and this year expanded that to include donations to a philanthropic organization my friend is starting called Africans in the Diaspora (donate here!) and a documentary a friend of mine is filming called 9-MAN (four hours left as of rigth now on her Kickstarter campaign here!)

But if that’s not your thing, here are some other ideas which you can put in a box, wrap with a bow and give to someone you love.  Just remember to remember to tell them the stories of why these gifts are so great.

  1. Try out the Ethical Ocean Holiday Helper Elf which asks you a few questions about the person you are buying the gift for and the Elf will find try to find you the perfect gift with matches that person’s interests in just a few clicks.  Easy enough…
  2. Check out Shop With Meaning’s Holiday Gift Guide for some cool ideas, ranging from panties which raise money for women’s empowerment organizations to T-Shirts designed by at-risk teenagers in Minneapolis and manufactured by textile workers in Kampala, Uganda to a solar light which can reduces electrical usage and are donated to replace unhealthy and dangerous kerosene lights where they are used
  3. Or, if you’re all about the environment, here’s Tree Huggers Holiday Gift Guide for eco-friendly gifts for everyone you may be giving to, whether they are a foodie, a fashionista, young, old, or a health freak (like me, in case you need hints of where to get my gift).

Happy giving!

And have a Fantastic Friday everyone!



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