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Fantastic Friday: Jerry Brown Funeral Edition

Don’t get mad…get even.

Or maybe you could, instead, just…understand, reflect and forgive?

Such is the case for the mother of Jerry Brown, the Dallas Cowboys player who was killed in a car accident with his friend and roommate, Josh Brent, who was allegedly speeding and intoxicated behind the wheel.  Brent has subsequently been charged with intoxicated manslaughter.

Brent’s coaches and teammates rallied behind both he and Brown in dramatically winning their last game in against Cincinnati and vowed to support him as much as possible.  As head coach Jason Garrett stated:

“We’re going to support Josh 100 percent in every way that we can,” Garrett said Monday, a day after the Cowboys beat the Bengals 20-19 with a field goal on the final play to keep their playoff hopes alive. “It’s a really, really difficult situation for him.  We want to make him feel that there are people around him who can help him get through this thing day by day.”

That’s great, but not really all that uncommon.  Teammates come to defend their teammates for all sorts of things and all sort of reasons, the good, the bad, the tragic.   But you know what is surprising and particularly uplifting?  When the mother of the dead teammate asks the person “responsible” for her son’s death to ride with her family at the funeral.

On Tuesday, Jerry Brown‘s mother, Stacey Jackson, will bury her son, just a few days after he died in a car accident while riding with his friend and Cowboys teammate Josh Brent, who was charged with intoxicated manslaughter following the wreck.

And when Brown’s mom rides to her son’s funeral, she wants Brent riding with her.

Jerry Jones, speaking on his weekly KRLD-FM radio show, said Brown’s mother requested that Brent be in the car on the way to the memorial service on Tuesday. It’s a stunning request, frankly, and speaks to how close Brent and Brown truly were.

“I was upset, but I realized that our youth today are young and stupid, and we were all once that age, and we’ve all done things we’re not proud of,” Jackson said on Monday’s Piers Morgan Tonight show on CNN, via Doug Farrar of Yahoo!’s Shutdown Corner. “I realized that everyone thinks they’re invincible, and everyone thinks, ‘It’s not going to happen to me.’ I know Josh Brent, and he’s been part of our family since Jerry went to the University of Illinois — all I can do is to pray for him and his family. I know [Brent] is hurting just as much as we are, because [he] and Jerry were like brothers.”

Here’s the video:

Have a Fantastic Friday everyone!



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