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Fantastic Friday: Sandy Edition

“Believe that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Believe that you might be that light for someone else.”

– Kobi Yamada


Photo Credit: Charles Sykes / AP

Out of the tragedy of Hurricane Sandy, there are so many terrific stories of people rising to the occasion to help others.  Simple stuff, like friends providing shelter for other friends, to heroic acts like a Staten Island man giving his life in order to save his family.  They include firefighters putting themselves in harm’s way to battle a 6 alarm fire in Breezy Point, Queens and rescue those that needed help.  Volunteers coming from as far away as Salt Lake City and Missouri to assist in the aftermath of the storm.  Faith based organizations setting up shelters and providing aid to those in need.

The list is long and inspiring. And it’s personal.  I live in Red Hook, which is one of the areas of NYC which was hard hit by Sandy, and am currently without power, heat, hot water (and I’m one of the lucky ones).  The concern and support that I’ve received from friends and loved ones has been invaluable.

And lest one doubt that their efforts will not have an impact on a tragedy of this scale, perhaps we could learn a lesson from an 11 year old on the good that even small gestures can achieve.

Superstorm Sandy left much of Hoboken, NJ underwater, but one enterprising 11-year-old found a way to help those around her in need.

Lucy Walkowiak, with the help of her father, established a pop-up Internet café and charging station to help dozens of neighbors get a much needed gadget charge and Internet connection to the outside world.

To plug in, Walkowiak simply asks for a small monetary donation to the Red Cross.

 Every little bit counts.

If you want to help as well, here are some great resources to figure out where, when and how…

Have a Fantastic Friday everyone!

UPDATE: To support Red Hook recovery efforts, go here!



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