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Fantastic Friday: Healthy Eating Edition

I’m a big fan of healthy living.  It goes without saying

That, of course, includes healthy diets, amongst many other things, and is something that, unfortunately, many  people do not pay enough attention to, in my opinion, regardless of their income levels.  However, for lower income people, it’s even more difficult.  First, there are access issues related to “food deserts” and a lack of viable healthy options to eat.  But, as I can attest as I’ve tried to make my diet heathier in the last couple of months, it really is expensive to eat in a way that is ideal.  And when I say it really is expensive, I mean it is really expensive.  The reality is that, even though I want to, I’m not even sure I can keep up this pace due to its impact on my pockets, and I’m certainly more privileged than the average bear.  And I know that my diet is probably in the 99th percentile of healthy diets for Americans, but still…it becomes that much harder to cajole lower income people to be healthier when healthier means spending money they may not have.

Enter a couple of inspiring organizations and initiatives.  The first is the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) guide to Good Food on a Tight Budget.  The second is Alli Sosna and her new initiative, Micro Greens, which seeks to help children and families eat healthier on a food stamp (SNAP) budget.  Check out Micro Greens’ story here, including a short video.  Well worth it.  And see more on EWG here…

Have a Fantastic Friday everyone!



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