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Fantastic Friday: When Big Brother Catches Us Being Nice Edition

By now, it’s common knowledge that we are being watched.  Big Brother is everywhere, be it monitoring communications, checking purchase activity, and even what we check out in libraries.

And of course…the video cameras.  They’re everywhere.  Checking if you run red lights, jump a turnstile, or if you pull an Oceans 11 and try to rob a bank.  All in the name of making sure criminals get videos that they can post on Youtube of their exploits for future “employers” to check out.

The funny thing is, that while these cameras are designed to catch people doing bad stuff, we really are more likely to do good stuff.  Hence, while the cameras are rolling, their are all sorts of positive and inspirational acts of kindness that occur.  And Coca Cola (the one thing you can’t knock about them is their marketing strategy) has been kind enough to give us a taste of the goodness (so to speak)…


Have a Fantastic Friday everyone!



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