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Fantastic Friday: Olympics Edition

When does coming in last place potentially mean more than coming in first…?

In the Olympics, there are always some moving moments.  Gabby Douglas winning the gold medal in US Woman’s Gymnastics comes immediately to mind.  Manteo Mitchell finishing his leg of the 4×400 relay with a broken left fibula and helping the US team make the finals does too.

But while those examples of triumph are tremendous, give me the inspiration of Liu Xiang and Sarah Attar.

Liu Xiang won the gold medal at the 2004 Olympics in Athens, had to drop out of the 2008 Olympics due to problems with his Achilles tendon, worked his way back to London to compete one last time, and guess what happens on his first hurdle of the games…

his Achilles gives out.

8 years of work that just tragically and suddenly seems all for naught.  What would most of us do in that circumstance?

Probably not what Liu Xiang did…


And Sarah Attar?

Not to be outdone, she’s just one of the two women who are the first female Olympic athletes from Saudi Arabia who competed during Ramadan in London in the 800m, her entire body covered except for her smiling face.  And though she came in last, finishing nearly 30 seconds after he closest competitor, some things are definitely bigger than gold medals…


Nice guys finish last…

And so what?

Have a Fantastic Friday everyone!



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