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Fantastic Friday: Bikers Against Child Abuse Edition

After reading and writing about the cowardly adults at Penn State, who failed to protect child victims of sexual abuse at the hands of Jerry Sandusky, it was tremendous to come upon this story of brave, caring people doing the exact opposite.

It’s an organization called Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA), with a motto of “No Child Deserves to Live in Fear” and it is a group of Harley riding bikers that lend their time and their tough guy image for the purpose of making child abuse victims feel safer.  The idea is that a victim of child abuse has been threatened and intimidated by an adult, but can feel support and empowered from knowing that an even tougher and more intimidating adult is fighting for them on their side…

BACA members are usually asked to intervene by local law enforcement officials or even by a parent. According to the group’s mission statement, members will do everything from attending a child’s court hearings to actually staying with a victim if he/she is afraid.

“Our mission is to empower these children, allow them not to be afraid of the world, to stand up to the abuser and say you can’t do that me. I’ve got friends, I got backup; if you try to do that to me, you’re going to have go through us,” the Missouri chapter public relations officer, Mopar (the members use ride names for security purposes) told Columbia Magazine.

Membership in Bikers Against Child Abuse is a big commitment. If any of the kids are frightened, they only have to call and the bikers will ride over and stay outside all night…

Here’s the video…

Have a Fantastic Friday everyone!



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