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Fantastic Friday: Conquering Addiction Edition

I’m a sucker for these types of stories where people take positive steps to getting healthier as human beings. And health covers so much more than weight or eating.  In this case, it refers to people overcoming addictions and getting sober.

Scott Strode was an addict himself, became sober and got involved with sports and exercise in order to fill the void that was previously left behind by his chemical dependency.  As he became increasingly involved, he realized that he had developed a community of people that shared his healthy goals.  He decided that it was so important, that he should try to replicate his experience for others and started Phoenix Multisport, a sober support community that offers free athletic activities.

What I find so positive about this story though is that from his own experience, Strode recognized that part of the real difficulty with overcoming addictions (and getting healthier in general) is that the people that one has been associated with were likely engaged in similarly unhealthy behaviors and ultimately not supportive of one’s attempts to change since it potentially threatens their own sense of self.  As a result, it likely requires almost severing ties with one’s entire current life in order to pursue a new one.  That’s a daunting task to ask of anyone, much less someone who is self-medicating for one reason or another.

I’ve been through this process of seeking health which has distanced myself from others albeit at considerably lower stakes than trying to overcome addiction.  However, even then, I can completely understand how difficult it is – isolating at times, frustrating at others, and filled with apprehension, exhilaration and anticipation as new frontiers are explored (I’ll have to give details another time.  Check back later).

That being said, here’s the story of Scott Strode and Phoenix Multisport.  Check it out and be inspired!

Have a Fantastic Friday everyone!



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