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Fantastic Friday: Inspiring Post-It Note Edition

Vacant storefronts usually look dismal.  A reminder of a failed dream in many cases.

Not so in Cambridge, MA, where a vacant storefront has become the home to a series of inspiring messages and positive energy.  And it all started with one anonymous note asking a simple question…

“Who Inspires You?”

Now the storefront is covered in post-it notes that answer the question, paying tribute to those that have been positive influences and had tremendous impact on each of the authors.

And isn’t that what we all ultimately want?  To impact someone (or a bunch of someones) and inspire them?  Isn’t that why people look up to people who overcame huge obstacles, who achieve great things, stand up for what they believe in, and / or sacrifice and fight for others?

And even in this money driven culture, isn’t that what you’d hope someone would remember you for when you breathe your last breath?

I have a lot of people who’ve inspired me, so I guess I need a lot of sticky notes…

Have a Fantastic Friday everyone!



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