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Fantastic Friday: Happiness Plunge Edition

This is a pretty interesting story which I think could hit home with a lot of people.

Imagine that you had completed your graduate degree, had secured a nice job, were getting paid six figures, had a pretty comfortable, if not luxurious life…but something still felt like it was missing?

What is one to do?

If you’re bold enough to be Adam Pervez, you’d quit your high-paying job, and embark on The Happiness Plunge, a two-year journey he calls the Happy Nomad Tour that will take him to six continents to learn, teach and help.

Here’s the story in full, but I found it particularly inspiring that unlike many of the privileged folk (myself included), he’s not taking a year sabbatical from the grind to just go and lounge on the beach or hit the 5 star pool.  His goal, at least, is to connect with the local communities that he travels too, and help them in whatever way that he can.  For instance:

…in Honduras, he worked with a cooperative where indigenous Mayan women and their families create artistic goods, which they sell in a store. He helped design a website so they can sell their products around the world.

He volunteered in an orphanage in Costa Rica. In Guatemala, he helped turn donated bicycles into machines that power farm equipment and household appliances.

His reason is simple. “I’m just trying,” he says, “to make the world a better place.”

And as he connects with the people that he meets along the way, he says that he’s found personal enrichment as well, and having his eyes opened to new experiences regularly….

Early on, he learned his first lessons in human nature, when people living in dire conditions would insist he share their home and food.

“The poorest people are the most open and inviting, the most willing to give me food,” Pervez says. “They wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Not surprisingly, there are drawbacks as well.  Missing friends, family top the list according to Pervez.  And watching sports as well.  But, at least to Pervez, it’s all worth it as he pursues happiness and a life with meaning.





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