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Some Interesting Links for Today

Some reads I thought were interesting enough to share….

  1. Why Is President Obama Keeping a Journalist in Prison in Yemen?
    Jeremy Scahill documents US involvement in the jailing and detention of a Yemeni journalist which has drawn criticism around the world, but not so much in the US
  2. Why I am Leaving Goldman Sachs
    Former Goldman Sachs executive explains that he is leaving the firm because, he argues, the firm has lost its way, no longer puts clients first and is obsessed with money…..(breaking news I suppose)
  3. Schneiderman Settles Suit Against Banks for Use of MERS for Paltry $25 Million
    Is it time to rethink the night in shining armor title bestowed upon NY AG Eric Schneiderman just months ago?
  4. NYC Voters Approve of NYPD Performance
    “Asked whether the NYPD dealt with Muslims fairly or targeted them unfairly, 58 percent thought the NYPD acted appropriately, while 29 percent thought police were unfair and 13 percent didn’t know or had no answer.”  (Yikes…)
  5. The Unpersuaded
    Ezra Klein continues his argument that Presidents don’t persuade the public in a meaningful, significant way to get them to support their agendas and policies…Therefore the question for me becomes, but can they supercharge their base in the short term to take action on issues and build arguments in the long term?  And if not, what’s the point of worrying about who’s in the Executive Branch in the first place then?

Happy Hump Day all….



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