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Which State is the Best?

Recently, Public Policy Polling conducted a poll which asked people about their impressions of each state.  Many of the results aren’t all that surprising, but the state with the highest favorability score was Hawaii, where 54% see it favorably and only 10% see it negatively.  So Hawaii wins the prize for best state…if you take favorability to equal best.  Like I said, not all that surprising.

But the rest of the top ten is as follows:

And if those are the most favorable, what are the least favorable?

That’s right.  Apparently all those that are so in love with California that they want to create their own country are in the minority.  Which probably means that you should create your own country. I kid of course, but it is slightly embarrassing to be rated lower than New Jersey….maybe it’s time for some plastic surgery?  Rehab stint?  More marijuana?

But I do want to dive deeper into this at a later date, because there is some interesting analysis to be done with respect to gender, race, age, ideology, etc.  For instance, women have a considerably higher opinion of New York (state) where I live, than men (in fact, men have a negative opinion).  And my home state, Massachusetts, actually has a higher favorability rating amongst African Americans (36% – 17%) and Hispanics (48% – 6%) than it does for Whites (33% – 30%).  On the other hand Georgia has a negative favorability ranking amongst African Americans (21% – 31%).

Below is a graph produced at Mother Jones so you can see for yourself where your state falls and if you agree.  (Note: The graph is only measuring favorable scores, the the difference between unfavorable and favorable as I did earlier). Perhaps you also have thoughts on why the rankings come out the way they do?



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