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Fantastic Friday: “14 Days of Neighborly Love” Edition

Forget candy, condoms and roses (though that’s cool too…), but the following story is the best of what the Valentine’s Day spirit can bring people to do in my estimation.

Via Good.is:

…energized [Southern Florida] county commissioner, Jose “Pepe” Diaz, is spearheading an effort to encourage local businesses to care for their communities. That effort began on Monday afternoon, when Diaz and nonprofit group Neighbors 4 Neighbors convinced a Sweetwater gas station to offer gas for the insanely low price of $2.14 per gallon today (get it?). In Florida, where the average price of a gallon of gasoline is nearly $4, Diaz’s offer was one many drivers couldn’t refuse. “We can’t wait ’til a hurricane or a disaster to come to deal with your neighbors in a neighborly form,” Diaz told Miami’s CBS affiliate.

That’s not all though.  The initiative that Diaz started is designed is called 14 Days of Neighborly Love, and, as the name suggests, goes for 14 days starting on Valentine’s Day, but will encompass more than just providing cheaper gasoline.  Other days will include free consultations for foreclosure cases, free marriage counseling and free tax preparation.

It’s really inspiring what Diaz is doing and the community has been very appreciative.  What’s even more inspiring though is the goal is not to just provide free products and services to those that need them, but is instead to “inspire random acts of kindness.”  As a result, on Valentine’s Day at the gas station…

Diaz, along with Sweetwater Mayor Manuel Marano, showed up to pump gas and wash drivers’ windows. Their hope is that small kindnesses dispersed throughout the community will spur others to give back. And, at the very least, it’s got them excited. “It’s not all about raising taxes and making laws,” Marono said of his job. “It’s about giving back to the community to help them out.”

Or as Diaz states so well on the website:

While this initiative is taking place during the month of February, I hope we can continue to focus on helping each other after the fact, and know that performing good deeds for others is not only rewarding, but also reinforces us to be better neighbors to one another.

Have a Fantastic Friday everyone!



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