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How Many Condoms are Used on Valentine’s Day and Other Interesting Factoids

Here are some interesting Valentine’s Day factoids which might raise an eyebrow or two…

Overall, The National Retail Federation expects that the average person will spend $126.03 for today’s festivities, or $17.6B total, up 8.5% from last year.  Those are big numbers, but what I really want to do is dig a little deeper and share some more fun and revealing figures.

Makes sense…though it could be a little disconcerting that friends get basically the same amount of Valentine’s Day love as Rufus.  Friends, you better be nice or next year, you could be bringing up the rear!







A lot of tennis bracelets in the mix. And you can tell by the mix of categories that a certain gender is getting doted on a lot more than the other…which brings us to the next chart







This was always obvious to anyone who has ever been in a relationship.  But I never realized that men spent twice as much as women on gifts for Valentine’s Day…







Apparently, almost all of the 200 million roses purchased for Valentine’s Day are red.  But I wonder what color the 8 million roses that women purchase for themselves are…?







58 million pounds of chocolate are purchased on Valentine’s Day, with much of it coming in 35M heart shaped boxes. Oh, and since chocolate is not for everyone, February 14 is like turning adults into hyperactive ADD children.  Case in point, 8B conversational hearts are also purchased for Valentine’s Day!






And last, but certainly not least…to cap off the Valentine’s Day celebrations….

Enough said…I’m off my pace already.



One thought on “How Many Condoms are Used on Valentine’s Day and Other Interesting Factoids

  1. 35million condoms

    Posted by Anonymous | September 21, 2012, 4:43 am

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