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Fantastic Friday: Sit Ski Backflip Edition

You know that saying, “If you get knocked off your horse, you get right back in the saddle?”  It seems so cliche to say it, but it is powerful stuff when you see someone actually do it.

Well Josh Dueck did it.  A competitive skier, back in 2004, Dueck crashed when he overshot a flip that he’d done a thousand times before, and woke up to find himself in the hospital.  And while thankfully alive, he was paralyzed from the waist down…a paraplegic.  He thought he was never going to be able to ski again…….

8 years later, not only is he skiing again, using a sit ski, but he is competing and killing the mountain much better than 99% of skiers out there.  No bunny slopes, he’s even back to skiing off trail.  But really, that’s just simple stuff (sarcasm).  Dueck wanted to face and conquer his demons.  And do so with a flair!

So he told his friends that he wanted to go aerial again.  And, on Feb 3, 2012, that he did.

Sit ski.
First time ever done…by anyone.
Definition of “ball so hard”

I’m sure a lot of hard work went into his comeback.  We are only seeing the “final” result.  But the mental strength exhibited is even more impressive.

This really is too awesome for words.  Watch the video.  Be inspired.

Have a Fantastic Friday everyone!



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