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First off, congrats to a good friend of Beautyful Ones, Solome Lemma, for being honored as a Champion of Change at the White House. For those of you who haven’t heard, Solome is part of a vanguard group of Africans challenging traditional notions of Africans, the diaspora, international aid, and all the problematic issues that surround discussions of the continent. She’s the founder of HornLight, an online platform that promotes diverse, nuanced, and dignified narratives on the Horn of Africa (hornlight.org). You can view Solome’s presentation here.

I went to go see “Red Tails” this weekend. I’m trying to abide by the Golden Rule these days so I’ll just say that I’m happy the Tuskegee Airmen received some well-deserved attention. I’m also happy that the movie brought up discussions of the difficulty of making films with all-black casts. I’ve always been hard on black films because I think there is a need to “raise the bar” in respect to general writing, storyline, acting, etc. I don’t think we should cheer or support black films just because they are written or acted by black people. I digress. The real point of this was to say Courtland Milloy is a little less kind to the movie here. Milloy argues that the movie does a “disservice” to the Airmen by portraying them as immature, skirt-chasing buffoons. And he’s mad that actors that played in the “Wire” or “Hustle and Flow” played such upstanding men. Still scratching my head on that one. Maybe he hasn’t heard about the shortage of roles for black actors…

It’s Republican primary day in my home state of Florida. Everyone knows that Florida is pretty much one big retirement home. No, seriously. AARP estimates that 1 in 6 voters in the primary is retired. You would think that would spark some really interesting debates on social security and health care for seniors but alas both debates skimped on these issues. And this morning, NPR ran a story that essentially demonstrates the bizarre hypocrisy and generally schizo attitude I find most Republican voters have. You care about social security and Medicare but you voted for Rick Santorum? I’m so confused. I don’t really understand what these voters are looking for but it would seem like it’s not candidates that have vowed to obliterate the programs that pay your bills. Florida is good for surprises so I’m sure we’ll see an interesting result tonight…




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