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Independent Black Cinema Needs Our Support

In an answer to Ms. Makeda’s prayers for better Black film, Pariah opens tomorrow for all the second class citizens who don’t live in NYC or LA!  I had the pleasure of watching the movie opening night in NYC with one of the musicians featured on the soundtrack, Honeychild Coleman.  I won’t give anything away, other than to say that the movie’s excellent, the music’s excellent and I highly recommend.  Just a story about a teenage girl finding her identity, dealing with her friends and family, sexuality, growing up and trying to make it in a complicated world.  As one critic describes (my emphasis in bold):

Her story is inspiring to see, whether you’re gay or straight and regardless of age or race; she’s searching for her place in the world at a difficult, transitional time, something we’ve all experienced.

For some interesting takes on Pariah (and other), take a look at these articles:

  1. New Directors Flesh Out Black America, All of It (NYT)
  2. Pariah Explores Sexuality, Growing Up (The Root)
  3. ‘Pariah’ is So Much More than Just This Year’s ‘Precious’ (IndieWire)

So, if you want more good product to represent the diaspora, time to get your cash out and support!

Speaking of support of interesting, creative, Black independent cinema, I was intrigued by the potential of this interesting story called An Oversimplification of Her Beauty.  The project is up on Kickstarter, which coincidentally is where Pariah got some of its funding as well.  If you are so inclined to try to help bring this to life, you have 14 more days to donate here!

I can’t help but think that maybe, just maybe, we are turning a corner here.  Some brave souls are stepping up and making some fresh and boundary pushing films that are challenging the status quo of what Hollywood thinks people (Black and otherwise) want to consume at the theater when it comes to telling stories about the Black community.

Now it’s up to everyone who asked for it to reward them for doing so.



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