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Mitt Romney: KKK Propagandist

In one of those “you can’t make this stuff up moments” I saw a tweet which pointed me to this article, detailing how Mitt Romney has been using a KKK slogan in his campaign stump speeches.  Wow indeed…

Now I’m willing to give Mr. Johnny 5 the benefit of the doubt and say that he’s not a racist, murderous, cross-burning lunatic, and is in no way connected to the KKK.  But the bigger problem that keeps creeping into my head, and which few appear to be picking up on, is that the phrase in question – “Keep America American” – seems to be dog whistling racism in so many ways itself, no matter whether the context was white hoods in the 1920s or diagonally striped ties in the 2010s.  In fact, it’s so broad based that it covers everyone.  Let’s check off the grocery list, shall we?

“Keep America American” clearly reaches out and touches those that continue to believe the ridiculous and racist conspiracy theory that Barack Obama is somehow not American.  So, by using the phrase, Romney can give some love to those racists out there who still cannot accept a Black man as their President…but of course, without having to do so explicitly since that would be so, I don’t know, Donald Trump-ish of him.

Status: Check

Muslims: Check
If Black people are not the biggest boogeymen in the US anymore, the prize has clearly been gifted to those bloodthirsty practitioners of Islam.  Witness how a show, titled All-American Muslim, about families in Dearborn, Michigan going about their everyday, and yes, All-American business, could become the target of Christian fundamentalists, resulting in Lowes and Bank of America cancelling their ads and / or not renewing their commitments to the show.  Now one less BofA ad is one giant leap for mankind as far as I’m concerned, but still, this manufactured saga demonstrated how oxymoronic the title to the show actually continues to be to some people.  In other words, there’s no confusion that Keep America American to those people would certainly not include anyone who praises Allah.

Status: Check

Did you know that the big bad Chinese are coming…?  If we don’t start showing them who’s boss right here, right now, did you know that we’ll all be speaking Mandarin in 15 years?  Do you know that America would cease to exist at that point?  And do you know how Mitt Romney has a plan to whip us into a frenzy to make sure this doesn’t happen?

Status: Check


And, last but not least, who could forget immigrants?  Romney is on record as stating a desire to be tougher with regard to immigration policy than the current administrtion, which is akin to saying that those police officers that beat down Rodney King were soft on crime.  But of course, what could be more un-American than “illegals” running “across the border” to lay haymakers to American job-seekers from sea to shining sea?  As Arizona and Alabama and others have clearly demonstrated, real Americans don’t go for that illegal immigration BS.  It’s time to get those brown Mexicanos outta here and Mitt Romney’s mission statement of Keep America American clearly shows he’s the right man for the job.

Status: Triple Check

It’s not everyday that one phrase can appeal to so much intolerance all at once.  It might have been a brilliant way to do so while having something such as “American values” to hide behind.  In that way, Mitt Romney is just following the lead of so many GOP candidates before him.  But as the old phrase goes: it’s all fun and games until the KKK gets involved.



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